Make potential customers, returning clients.

Many businesses have a website, but they struggle with what and how much to include. I help businesses tell their stories in a way that boosts their Google rankings and positions them as industry leaders.

Why Does Industry Leader = Sales Growth?

When an individual has an issue, they look for the solution by typing short phrases into a search engine. They will always choose the top 10 sites to visit for the answer.

The top 10 sites are viewed as industry leaders.

Industry leaders are trusted by potential customers. And when you are trusted, potential customers seek out your services, boosting your sales.

I’m Alexandra Liat, content marketer and owner of Stringer Story. I offer writing and editing services to brands of all ages who are looking to boost their bottom line by driving customers to their sites and positioning themselves as industry leaders.

Don’t wait to connect with your ideal client, start the outreach process today.

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